How to buy bitcoins

Buying bitcoins with credit or debit cards

First, if you do not have a CITL saving wallet, you have to create a new saving wallet here.

Second, add your credit or debit card or deposit balance to the CITL account. To do this go to the "Add new card" section under the "Linked cards" menu option. Select the card currency, enter the credit card number, cardholder's name and surname, expiration date, and CVV code. Then, click "Link." You will be charged a random amount, which you will be able to find on your card's statement. You will have to enter this amount at CITL to verify your card.

Third, go to the "Deposit section" inside your CITL saving wallet. Select the country, currency, and amount of bitcoins you want to buy. Select your card type as a payment option and click "Pay." Then select your linked card.

Buying bitcoins using bank wire?

Bitcoin – with a capital letter is a decentralized P2P network which helps to facilitate friction/less transactions between people without a middleman. It can also be called a protocol or a technology of transferring value.

bitcoins – with a lowercase 'b' is a virtual currency which exists on the Bitcoin network; it can be perceived as a currency for the internet the same way the Tanzania Shillings dollar, euro, or pound are currencies for Tanzania, United States, Europe, and the United Kingdom.