Connect Market

The internet coupled with electronic payment systems and modern transportation systems have potentially made possible for entrepreneurs to offer their goods and services globally, hence the consumer is privileged to multiple varieties and options. With the invention of Cryptocurrencies transferring value across state borders has never been easier; however, this doesn’t come without its challenges. In the wake of cryptocurrencies a number of both consumers and entrepreneurs have fell victim to manipulation and scamming from dishonest players in the market. Thanks to the anonymity associated with cryptocurrencies dishonest players have gotten away with impunity.
Whats if there was safer one global marketplace where service providers and consumers meet? The connect market is a  blockchain based global market place where vetted and verified service providers and consumers meet both online and offline and transact safely under one payment system.The connect market place shall have built in it, the biggest advertising house that utilizes new media to bring verified commodity producers and service providers to the global market both online and offline. Offline the connect market place shall comprise of local vendor ranging shops, supermarkets, medical stores, restaurants, resorts, theaters, schools, hospitals etc. The online market on the other hand shall comprise the typical online business as we know it today. In both these market places the both businesses and consumers shall use the the Connect coin payment system.